Eleven film photos of places including Cape Cod and Cape Ann.

Doane's Falls in Fall  This Kodachrome 64 slide photo was made in October, 1983 at Moore State Park in Royalston, MA. Although there was some fall color, the leaves had not yet reached their peak. Doane's Falls in Winter  This Kodachrome slide photo was made at Doane’s Falls in Moore State Park in Royalston, MA in February, 1984 after a recent snow. It has been criticized because of the pinkish water. However, I think it was really like that, perhaps because of the color of the rocks behind the falls. If there were a problem with color balance, the snow would be pink as well as the waterfall. There was a mink near the falls. Doane's Falls in Winter  This Kodachrome 64 slide photo was made on the same day as the previous one in February, 1984, but looking away from the falls.
Lobster Traps  This Kodachrome slide photo was made at Rockport, MA in Nov, 1983 on an almost oxymoronic sunny day. I thought that the stacks of lobster traps, pile of multicolored rope, and sailboat in the background made an interesting composition. Motif #1  This Kodachrome slide was made at Rockport, MA Harbor on the same day as the previous one. Rockport Harbor is a tourist attraction as well as a working lobster fishing port. The red building with the lobster trap floats was deliberately made to be colorful and photogenic. I am told that it is one of the most photographed and painted subjects in the country. Some time after this photo was made, it burned down. It has since been rebuilt. I found some other photos of it on the Internet, some for sale, but I like mine the best with regard to both composition and photographic quality. The use of vivid Kodachrome 64 film helps to make it special. Indian Neck Sunset with Boat  During summer vacations on Cape Cod in the 1980s, one of my favorite activities was watching the sun set at Indian Neck near Wellfleet. One time, I captured it on film. The sailboat heading home to Wellfleet Harbor under auxiliary power helped to complete the composition.
Indian Neck Sunset Afterglow  This photo was snapped moments after the previous one. The tower is a navigation light at the end of the jetty at Indian Neck. Quabbin Reservoir Stumps  For some reason, I find these stumps fascinating. Obviously, it is unusual to see stumps on top of the ground with their roots intact. They had a very interesting history. In the late 19th century, a town in central Massachusetts was abandoned and flooded by the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir which is part of the Boston water supply. The trees represented by these stumps were cut before the reservoir was flooded. Thus, the stumps are well over 100 years old.  At some point, they floated up with their roots intact and ended up on the shore. November, 1983. Quabbin Reservoir Stumps in Winter  Here is another view of the stumps in a photo taken in winter. The snow obliterates background details and gives the photo an abstract quality. January, 1984.
Not Vermont  This covered bridge was photographed near Gilbertville in central Massachusetts on the Ware River on Kodachrome 64 slide film in October, 1983. The bridge was obviously in need of repair, but the missing boards actually add interest to the photo. Not Maine  This rocky seashore seen on a gray and somewhat stormy day was actually in Massachusetts on the North Shore near the town of Magnolia. Kodachrome 64 slide, February, 1984.