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Index to Jay Greenberg's Western New York Birds Gallery

Welcome to my new gallery, last updated on April 25, 2013! It has been completely reorganized and expanded.  These 222 photos of 140 species were all taken in western New York State. The gallery is now organized into four sub-galleries:  Part 1. Geese through Shorebirds.  Part 2. Gulls through Flycatchers.  Part 3. Vireos through Mimic Thrushes.  Part 4. Waxwings through Finches.  They are in checklist order according to the current checklist of the Rochester Birding Association. You can send me an e-mail by clicking here.


Part 1. Geese through Shorebirds

Brant Swimming

Part 2.  Gulls through Flycatchers

Snowy Owl

Part 3. Vireos through Mimic Thrushes

Yellow-throated Vireo

Part 4.  Waxwings through Finches

Bobolink Male