White Ibis	(Eudocimus albus)  Photographed at Sea World, Florida in Feb. 1987.  It was so close and tame that I was able to get this photo with a 35mm film camera having a mere 40mm lens. Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) Flying  Photographed at Cape May, NJ on May 4, 2010. Glossy Ibises in Flight  Photographed at the Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor, NJ on May 14, 2017.
White-faced Ibis	(Plegadis chihi)  This is a digiscoping photo made at the High Acres Nature Area in Fairport, NY on May 19, 2011.  This species is a rare vagrant in New York State.  Originally found by Bruce and Mary Ann Cady, it is a first record for the Genesee region (Kingbird Region 2). White-faced Ibis	(Plegadis chihi) Nonbreeding  Photographed at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area near Sacramento, CA on Nov. 4, 2013.  The white bird behind it is a snowy egret.