Scenic PhotosAs of November 19, 2021, it consists of 121 film and digital photos from places that I've visited or lived in, including Alaska, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador and the Galapagos, western New York State, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Arizona.
  • AlaskaThis is an illustrated trip report with thirty-one Ektachrome slide photos from a trip in 2000. They are mostly scenic, but there are some wildlife and plant…
  • Arizona

    Five slide film photos from Arizona.

  • Costa Rica

    Twelve scenic photos featuring the Irazu and Arenal volcanoes.

  • CubaThese 3 photos are from what was primarily a birding trip to Cuba in November 2018. I have not included several photos containing man-made scenery such as…
  • Mainland Ecuador and the…

    Fifteen scenic digital photos from a trip in 2006. These photos are also in my Mainland Ecuador and Galapagos photographic trip reports.

  • Massachusetts

    Twelve film photos of places including Cape Cod and Cape Ann.

  • New JerseySeven photos from Cape May.
  • Western New York StateThirty-four digital and film photos from the area where I now live. They are organized by season, starting with winter, and they include such famous places as…