Thousand Acre Swamp197 photos of scenery, butterflies and moths, other arthropods, a couple of molluscs, verterate animals, plants, fungi, and slime molds, all taken at Thousand Acre Swamp, a Nature Conservancy Preserve in Penfield, NY near Rochester.
  • SceneryNine scenic photos from the swamp.
  • Butterflies16 photos of 12 species as of April 14, 2018.
  • Moths17 photos of 16 species as of April 14, 2018.
  • Other Arthropods and MolluscsAs of April 15, 2018 this album consists of 50 photos of spiders, non-lepidopteran insects, and molluscs representing 48 species.
  • Vertebrate AnimalsAs of April 12, 2018 this album consists of 38 photos of amphibians (5 species), reptiles (4 species), birds (16 species), and mammals (3 species).
  • PlantsAs of January 31, 2021 this album consists of 53 plant photos representing about 34 species. They are organized by month and date.
  • Fungi and Slime Molds14 photos of 11 species as of April 14, 2018..